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When it feels like something is missing

When it feels like something is missing in your life, it is always your own love and approval that you are missing. And you can do something about that.

You can’t fill that void with delicious food, wonderful sex, endless shopping or going on exciting holidays far away. None of those things truly matter in the long run, they are only short term distractions from how you truly feel. What truly matters is how you feel about yourself and about your life – and you can do something about that.

Saying no to others, can mean saying yes to yourself

After having spent decade after decade always saying yes to others in order to please them – it can be so liberating to finally begin to listen to your heart and say no when something feels off to you. Saying no to others, can mean saying yes to yourself.

I believe in you

When you feel your weakest, you are actually at your strongest of points. It takes strength, to get back up, when every inch of your body wants to give up. It takes strength to trust life again, when someone shattered your sense of security into a million pieces. It takes strength to feel joy again, when someone ripped the very zest for life from your body.

You may feel weak right now, but you are so strong, so capable and so resiliant. You have survived the darkest of despair, you will rise back up again. I believe in you.

Little by little, you can breathe life back into your veins

Healing is not linear, there can be ups and downs along your path, for decades – and that is ok. Little by little, you can breathe life back into your veins. Little by little, you will begin to feel the eternal love that glows within your heart. There is no rush, just relax and trust that with time you will find your way – and there is no timeline on healing.

What are you grateful for today?

Three things I am grateful for today:

1) That I have been pregnant and given birth to my two children. These two experiences were the most wonderful experiences I have had in my entire life. Magical

2) That I am still alive. So many people I love passed away decades ago – I am so grateful that I am still here and that I have survived all the things I have been through in my life.

3) That I live in Sweden and get to experience the four seasons every year. I love each season and I love how nature changes so beautifully and naturally. Pure bliss just thinking about the magnificence of nature.

What three things are you grateful for today?

When you crash, burn and all hell breaks loose – love yourself even more

The most beautiful gift you could ever give yourself, is to love yourself unconditionally. That means – no matter what. When you make mistakes – sooth yourself. When you crash and burn, be compassionate towards yourself. When it feels like everything goes wrong – love yourself even more.

As they say, you can’t rid the world of hatred by adding more hatred – you heal with love.

Eternally evolving into more of what you desire

You are not your mistakes. It is ok to mess up – you are doing the best you can, given the beliefs, desires, circumstances and emotional states you are in. It is ok.

You are not your failures. You are on an endless journey of discovering and learning, always evolving into more. In fact, your perceived failures are of value too. How else would you know even more clearly, what it is you desire and how you desire things to be for you, unless you have experienced the opposite?

Who you are, is who you choose to become, eternally evolving into more of what you desire.

All those things you fuss and worry about, don’t matter at all

What if all the things you fuss and worry about, don’t really matter at all? What if all those insignificant things just fade away, when you realize what truly matters in life?